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You can save a lot of money by packing most if not all of your belongings yourself by packing non-fragile items such as books, linens, clothing and shoes etc.

By packing these items yourself you free up the professional movers' time for packing the heavier items— which generally take more time to pack and haul into the moving truck When packing heavy items you should always try to use a smaller box.

Although you may want to toss everything into one big box, you will regret it when it comes time to move the box into and out of the moving truck. As a general rule of thumb, try to keep the weight of the box to around 50 lbs, and always remember to lift with your knees— not your back.

If you are utilizing professional movers, never let the moving company pack valuables such as jewelry, family heirlooms, or other priceless items.

Should those items be lost or broken, I assure you that the insured value will not come close to the items personal value.

Make every attempt to pack items such as jewelry, sports memorabilia, photo albums, and other priceless items yourself. You should also try to move these types of items in your car or as carry-on-luggage if size allows. Just like a mechanic uses the right tool for the job, you should also use the right size and strength boxes for your move.

Packing clothes and shoes in suitcases is a fantastic way to kill 2 birds with one stone. By utilizing containers and suitcases you limit the need for additional boxes.

If you need to fill boxes with shoes, try to place them at the bottom and place things such as t-shirts and jeans at the top. You should never try to fill one box with all your shoes. You back will thank me later.

For your replaceable and non-fragile items, save money by going to your local super market and asking for boxes (the store manager will usually give them to you gladly if they are available).

Take your time to pack all of your belongings carefully.

It is of extreme importance to separate your fragile items in the boxes. You can use old newspaper, bubble wraps, sheets, blankets, pillows, or towels. You should try to wrap each fragile item separately.

Make every attempt to not leave empty spaces in a box with contents that can move and shift in transit. Use strong packing tape (not masking tape) for each box.

Professional moving companies are required to inspect each box they load into their trucks for liability reasons. 

A professional moving company will advise you on whether boxes need to be repacked or are not packed properly.

Professional movers use quality boxes, so if you have any question on whether the box is sturdy enough, do yourself a favor by asking for professional-grade moving boxes.

Most movers will not disconnect your major appliances for insurance reasons.

You should prep your refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, washer, and dryer before the movers arrive. If your computer is to be moved, you should always back up your important data and prep the computer, monitor, printer for the move. Be prepared to move living things such as plants or pets yourself. They will need a “plant/pet suitcase” of their own.

By law, movers will not transport hazardous materials such as paint; paint thinners; solvents; oils; varnishes; firearms and ammunition; bottled gas; propane; lamp oil; anything flammable, explosive or corrosive; motor fuels and oils; nail polish remover; bleach; and aerosol cans.

Make the process of loading the moving truck easier by organizing the boxes by the rooms they will be unloaded into. 

In addition, setting up a staging area closest to the front door will make the relocation process easier for you and the moving company.

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